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Why We Make Most of Our Syrups

At Bottoms Up Bar Co., we believe that the secret to a truly great cocktail is in the details. That's why we make most of the syrups used in our craft cocktails from scratch. Here are some of the reasons why we do it:

  1. Freshness and Quality: By making our own syrups, we can use fresh, high-quality ingredients that are often sourced locally. This not only ensures the freshest possible taste but also helps to support local businesses and promote sustainability.

  2. Control Over Ingredients: Making our own syrups gives us complete control over the ingredients we use. We can tailor each syrup to the specific needs of an event or client, ensuring that we use only the highest quality ingredients and avoiding any additives or preservatives that may be found in premade syrups.

  3. Creativity and Customization: Making our own syrups allows us to be creative and experiment with unique flavor combinations. We can customize each syrup to fit the specific needs of an event or client, creating a truly unique and personalized cocktail experience.

  4. Transparency: By making our own syrups, we can provide our clients and guests with full transparency about the ingredients we use. We can answer any questions they may have about the origin and quality of the ingredients, creating a more trusting and authentic relationship between us and our clients.

  5. Better Value: While making our own syrups requires more time and effort, it ultimately provides better value for our clients. We can create a higher quality product for a comparable price to premade syrups, offering a better overall experience and greater value for our clients.

Making our own syrups is a crucial component of the Bottoms Up Bar Co. philosophy. It allows us to provide a higher quality and more personalized cocktail experience for our clients and their guests. From freshness and quality to creativity and transparency, making our own syrups is an essential part of what makes us the premier craft cocktail service for events and private parties.

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